RKVY Scheme-2022-23 (Last date for submission of applications 10.12.2023)

SHM-Kerala intends to popularize the user friendly ‘Arka Vertical Garden Structure’ designed and developed by the ICAR- Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengalaru under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana 2022-23. The Arka vertical garden structure (soil less medium) aids in attaining self sufficiency in the production of safe to eat vegetables ensuring food and nutritional security. A family can grow its choice of safe to eat vegetables using the vertical space to meet the daily requirements. The structure is cost effective and utilizes water effectively.

The main component of the Arka Vertical Garden is a base frame of one square metre area, main central support anchored to the base frame and supports for pots/grow bags, fabricated suitably to hold 16 pots of different size and shapes and fitted at 4 different height levels. A plastic container of 25 litre capacity is mounted at the top of the structure for water storage and with drip laterals, micro tubes and drippers to irrigate the plants. Seeds and materials for plant nutrient management and plant protection will be provided along with the structure. Vegetables like chilli, brinjal, tomato, bush cluster beans and leafy vegetables like palak, amaranthus , coriander etc can be cultivated.


  1. The applicant must be a resident of the State of Kerala.
  2. Selection of beneficiary shall be prioritized on the basis of submission of application.
  3. The Arka Vertical garden Structure should not be used for other purposes than the objective envisaged in the project. Any misuse, if found beneficiary is liable to refund the subsidy amount.
  4. The beneficiary should co-operate with the periodical inspection of State Horticulture Mission for ensuring the effective implementation of the project.
  5. The beneficiary should be present at the time of installation of the Arka Vertical Garden structure.
  6. At the time of installation of Arka structure, beneficiary should submit the duly filled application with Aadhar Number.
  7. A beneficiary is eligible for a single unit of Arka Vertical Garden structure and beneficiary who availed Arka Vertical Garden structure during last year (2021-22) need not apply.
  8. Total cost of one unit of Arka Vertical garden is Rs 22100/- and the subsidy amount per unit is 15525/-. Applicant may remit the beneficiary contribution of Rs 6575/- per unit, in advance along with application through online mode.
  9. Last date for submission of applications 10.12.2023

ARKA Vertical Garden

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