Integrated Post Harvest Management

Specific programmes which would be taken up under MIDH would include establishment of Pack houses, Integrated Pack houses, Pre-cooling units, Cold Rooms, Mobile Pre-cooling units, Cold Storage units, Controlled (CA) Storage / Modified Atmosphere (MA) Storage / supply of refrigerated vans/containers, primary/mobile processing units, ripening chambers, evaporative/low energy cool chambers, preservation units, onion storage units and zero energy cool chambers. All these projects will be entrepreneur driven through commercial ventures for which Governmental assistance will be credit linked back-ended.

Subsidy in accordance with the cost norms given to PSUs and State Government agencies, Cooperatives, growers’ association, farmers group, self-help groups, women farmers groups, recognized/registered by the DMCs, having at least 25 members, will also be entitled to avail assistance for such activities to the same extent. However, assistance will not be credit linked for such agencies but would be back ended subject to condition that they are able to meet their share of the project cost.